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Power and Hybrid



Custom Packaging
 Semelab - Your First Choice
  • Semelab are experts in semiconductor packaging
  • We are able to mount a vast range of die into available package types, subject only to size and thermal considerations. In addition we specialise in the design and manufacture of complete circuits and device arrays for small signal, medium power and high power applications.

Modified Modern Packages
We can supply modified TO257, TO254, TO258 and TO267 packages as follows:
  • Mounting options - Z-tab or no tab
  • Pin options - flexible copper pins
  • Pin diameter options
  • Seal material options
  • Modern Package Types
  Modern Packages
Lead Pre-Form and Cropping
We can supply TO257 and TO254 packages with leads cropped and formed.
  • Standard 'hard' leads formed to shape and length
  • Undertaken to customer drawings (after review by Semelab)
  • Flexible lead options are available on modern metal packages, and offer an alternative approach to forming with particular advantages
  Preformed Packages
Current Die in Traditional Packages
  Traditional Packages
Multi Chip Arrays (MCAs)
MCAs enable many devices - semiconductors and passives - to be mounted in a single package.
  • Many configurations - multiple devices, complete circuits or several complete circuits
  • Flexible pin-out
  • Available for small signal and medium power applications
  • Low cost
  • No NRE
  • More on MCAs
  Multi-Chip Arrays
Power Modules
  • Wide choice of package technologies
  • Dedicated custom package design team
  • Full thermal and stress engineering with Pro Engineer (TM)
  • Choice of price/performance levels
  • More on Custom Power Modules
  Power Modules

  • CECC
  • MIL-PRF-19500
  • ESA/Space Level
  • Customers' Specs

Build Levels
  • All major flows
  • From commercial to precap visual inspection

Typical Applications
  • Saving space
  • Reducing weight
  • Increasing component integration
  • Optimising circuit performance
  • Replacing discontinued parts with equivalents manufactured to original flows.