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Power and Hybrid



  Lateral MOSFETs for the Audio Market from MAGNATEC

TO3Magnatec, a company within the SEMELAB Group, introduces a range of complementary lateral MOSFET Power Transistors.

Supplied in either TO3 or TO3P outlines, the 8A - 160V/200V and the 16A - 160V/200V series of devices have been designed especially for audio amplifier applications. The devices are particularly rugged, the single chip version being continuously rated at 125W whilst the double chip variant dissipates up to 250W per device. The single die BUZ900 / BUZ905 are optimized for use in amplifiers up to 1kW, the double die types being designed to achieve true output powers of 2kW.

Further developments in packaging techniques will allow the Company to offer SMARTPACK™ power modules capable of 500W of audio power from each module.




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